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Technology Experience


1553, Arinc 429, FDDI, ATM, TCP/IP, VME, Byteflight

Printed circuit board layout and fabrication

Viewlogic, Orcad

Programmable logic


Operating systems

Win32, Unix, VxWorks, Nucleus, uC/OS-II

Systems engineering

Hardware / software integration


System requirements and interfaces

Reliability engineering

Project Listings
Tammie's Projects
Patrick's Projects
Michael's Projects
Patrick Little
Tammie Williams


Leadership and Project Management Experience



Engineering team leader including tasking and reviewing subordinates

R&D budget management responsibility

Earned value reporting


Large & complex experience

Requirements analysis and development

Storyboard development

High level system architecture

Product and interface research

Cost, effort, schedule estimation using rigorous methods

Review teams


Software Engineering

Project planning and estimation for entire life cycle

Metrics development and collection

DO-178B process

MIL-STD-2167 process


Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Structured Analysis / Structured Design

DOORS requirements management for system and software requirements and test


Pilot Qualifications and Experience


Commercial Pilot, Airplane Multi Engine Land

Instrument Rating

2nd Class Medical

525 hours total time

factory training in Lancair Columbia 300/400

significant PIC time in C182 Skylane, C172RG, C210, Mooney M20, Lancair Columbia, Cirrus SR20/22, Piper Saratoga, and Piper Turbo Lance

test pilot and flight test engineer for NASA’s Highway In The Sky glass cockpit

Civil Air Patrol qualified as Search And Rescue mission pilot, including mountainous terrain

Aerial photography

Part 91 business pilot for local companies


Other Experience & Activities


Director of Operations, Wings For Christ International Flight Academy

Experimental Aircraft Association

Civil Air Patrol

Avionics installation and bench repair

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