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Patrick Little

Budgeting System

Mission Foods, Dallas, TX

Patrick was instrumental in the design and creation of a budgeting system for Mission Foods, a $1 billion a year national food company.  He wrote numerous budgeting modules along with supporting stored procedures to create new application interfaces that dramatically reduced the labor needed to create yearly budgets.  VB.NET, MSSQL 2000, Query Analyzer, Enterprise Manager, Syncfusion Window Controls 

TNT Dry Cleaning Point of Sale System

Syscom, Arlington, TX

This project required the creation of a new system with the same functionality of an existing DOS version.  The older version used Clipper for its database functionality.  The new version uses Visual Studio .NET version 2002, MSDE 2000 and SQL.  The target platforms are Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  Patrick is the sole developer for this commercial application with interfaces also being written to the cash drawer, thermal heat printers, touch screens and other peripherals.  VB.NET, C#.NET, MSDE 2000, VC++.NET, RS-232 

Produce Cost Management System

National Produce Systems, Richardson, TX

Involved the redesign of a Paradox application using Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server.  Setup and configured MS SQL server.  Created VB application using MS ADO to access SQL server.  Used various third party data controls from Sheridan software.  VB 6.0, MS SQL 7.0, MS Access, ADO

X-Series Workstation Control System

BancTec, Irving, TX

Involved the development of a software machine control API.  Created a real-time TCP/IP communications system between a Windows 2000 host and PSOS - a real-time OS on the remote system.  Extensively used TCP/IP and C++ to create a layered system allowing for easy addition of new modules to the system.  A key feature of the system was the creation of a system of network events that allowed for timely processing of data on the host system.  Created an Active X interface that will become the new interface to all BancTec reader/sorter systems.  VC++ 6.0, VB 6.0, MFC, ATL, PSOS Realtime OS, Source Safe, TCP/IP

Scanner Control

BancTec, Irving, TX

Designed and built a Windows NT service to control a HP scanner.  System was responsible for receiving user input from a Java application over TCP/IP and scanning documents.  Documents were modified for quality control and checked for control information before being sent to the Java application over the TCP/IP link. VC++ 6.0, VB 6.0, MFC, TCP/IP

Reader/Sorter Software API

BancTec, Irving, TX

Created new software API’s on Windows NT/2000 platform for all BancTec reader/sorter lines.  Involved development of ISA and PCI device drivers, SCSI interfaces and Windows Services. VC++ 6.0, VB 6.0, Numega SoftIce Windows Driver debugger, Assembly, Windows SCSI interface

Image Capture, Storage and Printing Utility

BancTec, Irving, TX

This contract involved the creation of a system to control capturing, buffering and printing of images for BancTec’s 9400/9500 line of document processing systems.  The system interfaces to the BancTec transport for printer commands.  The control imaging applications runs on an Alacron I860 coprocessor card. This utility retrieves the document images then stores, formats and forwards them to a high speed laser printer for output.  VC++ 6.0, VB 6.0, TCP/IP

Page Launcher

PageMart, Inc., Dallas, TX

This project was to modify an existing CGI program to receive paging data from a new customer configured HTML paging form.  This new system allowed PageMart customers to keep a list of frequently paged associates in a directory-like structure for quick and easy access.   UNIX, CGI toolkit, HTML, Java Script

Microsoft Exchange / Outlook Paging System

PageMart, Inc., Dallas, TX

Patrick used Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Visual Basic and Perl to create an integrated paging system.  He used Exchange forms to create a system that allowed the user to access paging directories and enter paging information.  A Visual Basic server collected user pages using the MAPI protocol and used a Perl script to transmit pages to the paging site using the TAP protocol.  VB Script, Perl, MS Exchange, Exchange Forms, MS Access, DAO, TAP, MAPI, RS-232

Import/Export Program

Interstate Batteries of America, Dallas, TX

This contract involved the coding of a custom Visual Basic import/export routine to be used by the distributors of ISBA’s batteries.  Coding involved a complete utility package as well as the integration of the routines with the various accounting systems being used.  Extensive use was made of the DacEasy Developer’s Kit and various compilers to allow this utility to operate according to the client’s specifications.  A configuration utility was coded to manage directory and internal Microsoft Access tables.  VB 6.0, MS Access, DAO

DacEasy Accounting Package

Dac Software, Dallas, TX

This short-term contract involved attempting to port existing 16 bit Windows functions to a 32-bit Windows environment through the use of Win32s.  Additional work for this company consisted of writing functions for an Internet “Rolodex” product.  Patrick was responsible for assisting with the code that would allow a visitor to the website to download this product, get bookmarks and set bookmarks.  VC++

ViewComm for Windows

Greenleaf Software, Inc., Dallas, TX

This serial data analyzer was designed to run as a native 32 bit, multi-threaded application under Windows 95 and Windows NT.  ViewComm for Windows (VCW) uses Visual C++ and MFC 4.0 to provide an industry standard user interface.  The VCW code base consists of approximately 59 classes distributed across 93 source modules.  In addition to Patrick’s work on the C++ code, he developed a communications VxD tailored for use with VCW, and a similar Windows NT device driver.  VC++, Numega SoftIce Windows Driver debugger, Assembly, MFC, RS-232

Greenleaf Comm++

Greenleaf Software, Inc., Dallas, TX

Comm++ is Greenleaf's second generation communications library, used by RS-232 programmers to perform basic communications tasks, terminal emulation, and asynchronous file transfers.  Like Database Library, Comm++ needs to work with both 16 and 32 bit versions of Visual C++.  In addition, Comm++ has to interface to a wide variety of communications APIs, including those for 16 and 32 bit Windows, MS-DOS, and extended MS-DOS.  Greenleaf's support for communications using Visual C++ and 32 bit DOS Extenders is widely regarded as a key selling point of the Comm++ library.  VC++, Borland C++, All OS's

Greenleaf Database Library

Greenleaf Software, Inc., Dallas, TX

Greenleaf sells a database library that gives C and C++ programmers tools to access data stored in industry standard formats, such as those used by dBase and FoxPro.  Patrick was Greenleaf's sole developer for Database Library 4.0, which added a layer of C++ object-oriented extensions to the product.  Database Library offered a unique set of challenges, in that it was one of Greenleaf's first products to be compatible with both the 16 bit and 32 bit versions of Visual C++.  A major part of Patrick’s job consisted of creating a codebase that could be used transparently in both environments.  VC++, VC, Borland C++, All OS's


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