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NASA HITS project / Internal projects to develop Primary & Multifunction cockpit displays

Avidyne, Lincoln, MA

Aircraft systems engineering including requirements, analysis, design, interfaces, installation and testing.  Developed avionics simulation equipment to support product development and testing.  Electrical design including board level electronics and interface boxes.  Software engineering including complete life cycle of requirements, analysis, design, code, test, docs, FAA certification, all in C++ on Win32 and embedded systems.   Engineering liason between Avidyne and aircraft manufacturers.  Test pilot and flight test engineer for Lancair Columbia integration.  Engineering support for setup and demo at trade shows.

Win16 to Win32 Conversion / Font Conversion

ArgoData Systems, Dallas, TX

Michael was responsible for the conversion of a 16 bit program written using Borland C++ 3.1, OWL and Object Graphics Library from the WhiteWater Group. The end of the process is a 32 bit Win95 program using the standard Windows 95 GUI. This project also used the HP Intellifont package for rendering documents on PCL-4 and PCL-5 printers. The new version will use True Type fonts, which involves parsing the PCL output stream and capturing all font information for storage in a database.  Michael used Borland C++, Visual C++, OWL, MFC and the TrueType and HP Intellifonts for this project.

Production/Inventory Monitoring Application

Paramount Citrus, Delano, CA

This project for a major produce manufacturer was a database application used to monitor production processes. It improved the amount and quality of information available to the production process operator. One phase of the project was to integrate the database information with corporate mail and information systems for vendor billing.  This project used Visual Basic and SQL Anywhere.

Database Solutions

Various Clients

Michael has written several database solutions, both single and multi-user, for small businesses who want to automate. One example is a database for a small auto dealership that enabled them to print rather than type contract, title applications, etc. Single user applications are in Access, multi-users are in Access or Visual Basic front ends with a SQL engine type database backend such as SQL Server or SQL Anywhere.

Embedded Systems

Raytheon, Waco, TX

Michael developed embedded computer systems for aircraft applications including: messaging systems, communications, interphones, signal processing and encryption devices. He performed the electrical design, printed circuit layout, coordinated prototype and production construction, test and integration of printed circuit boards for 8051, 80x86, 680x0 and TMS320x families of processors and associated memory and I/O devices. Michael also developed the communications, networking and test applications software for the embedded systems.  These projects included the use of VxWorks, Nucleus, C, Pascal and Ada.

Software Proposals and Design

Raytheon, Waco, TX

Michael has worked on several proposal efforts for aircraft contracts. On one, he was hardware and software architect for aircraft video, network and data collection systems. On another, he was team leader of the overall software effort. He coordinated with internal development activities and three major subcontractors to propose a solution to deliver almost half a million lines of code, of which about 1/3 was new development in C++ and Ada. As part of this effort, Michael designed an embedded VME based data collection and processing system to replace existing aircraft equipment.

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