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Custom Programming
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Addisoft offers a wide range of custom programming services.  The developers at Addisoft have been actively programming for a minimum of 10 years.  

The team at Addisoft Consulting understands the need to deliver results while keeping costs under control.  We have had years of experience working in companies with cash flow constraints, overdue product releases and expanding feature lists.  Today's economy is more competitive than ever and the need to deliver quality code in a timely, efficient manner is more critical than ever before.  We offer competitive solutions without compromising quality.

Whether you have a small project, a legacy product in need of an overhaul, a rewrite or a specialized software application, we have the development expertise that can make your next project a success.

If you need:

Time to focus on delivering results rather than managing contract developers...
The ability to add or take away expert development talent at a moment's notice...
Additional resources to increase development productivity....
To decrease development costs by increasing turn around time...
To access development expertise in specialized areas such as low level Windows development or avionics protocols...

Call us.  We can help.  We offer free consultations while we assess your current project needs and provide our quotes.

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Technical Languages & Toolkits 
Patrick Little
C, Visual C++ with MFC, SQL 7.0, Borland C++,  Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Access.  Visual Studio .NET version 2002, MSDE 2000, Microsoft Database Engine 2000 which is based on Sequel Server 2000.   Windows SDK and DDK.  
Michael Majors
Visual C++, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server, HTML, embedded real time software for VxWorks and Nucleus operating systems, IP networked environments, FDDI networks, ATM switching technology for mission critical applications, MIL-STD-1553, and VME for avionics applications. 
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