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May, 2003

Addisoft received HUB certification from the State of Texas!  We are proud to be officially recognized as a woman owned small business. 

August, 2006

Mike's Latest Flight Tests

Airborne Internet Testing

April, 2005

Tammie receive award for service.

Extended Service Award

January, 2005

Mike's recent flight test pictures for Strategic Aeronautics.  Who says work can't be fun?

Strategic Aeronautics Flight Test

January, 2005

Tammie's the Talk of the Town in the Northwest section of the Dallas Morning News.  

Spotlight On Tammie

November, 2004

Read about an amazing community service project Addisoft and Tammie are involved in. 

C-FB ISD Clothes Closet article in Plano news

February, 2003

Here's a link to an article on Mike's work.  Check it out, it's interesting reading!


And, here's the picture of Mike and crew that DIDN'T make it in the article. That's Mike on the left.  Way to go, guys!

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http://www.realrates.com/ - a great place for contractors to look at rate surveys for your area

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